The Absolutely Best Basic Photography Class Ever!

Creative Live Fundamentals of Photography 2015Over this entire week, I am attending via the Internet a fundamentals of photography course. I’ve been working to learn DSL photography since 2010 taking classes from National Geographic, Canon, and professional photographers. Although each of these has been worthwhile, none has been so beneficial and entirely understandable than Creative Live’s Fundamentals of Photography 2015 with John Greengo ( Greengo is the ultimate teacher incorporating the best teaching methods such as offering visual, auditory, and kinesthetic presentation; repetition; and interaction. His periodic quizzes allows participants to review what they have learned and know what topics they need extra effort on.

Greengo’s explanations and graphic representations of photography basics will benefit even the most experienced photographer. Lessons are available with purchase of this class that will help solidify the knowledge gained turning the knowledge and information into experience.

Additionally, while working through the video sessions and lessons, participants become intimately familiar with their own camera. Even professionals I know don’t understand their cameras at the depth this class can lead to.

Check it out here: It’s only $99 through January 18, 2015. The videos, presentation, and lessons are yours–you will use these resources forever.


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