Top In-Flight Celebrity Meltdowns – Jetsetter

I really hate flying. No, you don’t understand; I really HATE flying.

The packing hassles, extra fees, tight spaces, long waits, and inconveniences for restrooms, eating, and sleeping have made car travel very appealing to me. My husband and I are driving from Central Texas to Assateague Island, VA for an upcoming trip. 23 hours and 1500 miles promises to be far more pleasant than flying.

So when I read this article about celebrities acting up during flights, I thought, “They are doing what the rest of us wish we could do.” Right?


Celebs—they’re just like us, right? They go grocery shopping, fill their cars with gas, pick up their kids from school. But the similarities end when it comes to airline travel. Read on for the seven most legendary in-flight meltdowns, from Alec Baldwin v. American Airlines to Liam Gallagher v. the scone. By Siobhan Reid

Source: Top In-Flight Celebrity Meltdowns – Jetsetter


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