US National Parks Service Celebrates 100 Years

I am very well travelled across the U.S, so I was surprised when I visited the US National Parks Service’s website, “Find Your Park,” and discovered that I haven’t visited ANY of the national parks in my home state of Texas.

So, along with my New Year’s resolution to declutter and organise one room of my house every week next year until my house is perfection, I am resolving to visit all the national parks in Texas.

I plan to start with the Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park; I’ll get a history lesson as well. The park is so near to Austin that I think I’ll add on extra days and visit friends and great restaurants while I’m there. This should be great fun!


A park can be a place, a passion or a state of mind. People all around America are finding their park every day. So get up. Get out there. Find your park. It might be closer than you think.

Source: Find Your Park


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