How to Avoid Jet Lag: 11 Clever Tips to Try | Allianz Global Assistance

As I prepare to leave for Ireland next Wednesday, I’m already thinking about making the most of the time change. I’m going to bed a bit earlier and getting up earlier than I normally would. The time change is seven hours ahead for me, so that means close to half a day off from my normal routine.

Fortunately, my flight leaves Philadelphia about 9:00 p.m. and I arrive about 8:30 a.m. in Shannon, Ireland. If I eat dinner before I board then settle in for a good sleep, I hope to be in good form by the time we land Thursday morning. I have plans to hit the ground running even before I check into my hotel.

Following is an article from Allianz, the company from which I purchased my travel insurance for this trip, with some great tips for avoiding jet lag that keeps you from having the perfect vacay:


From lying about your departure date to wearing sunglasses in the airport, here are 11 sure fire jet lag remedies.

Source: How to Avoid Jet Lag: 11 Clever Tips to Try | Allianz Global Assistance


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