Airplane Mode for Electronics on Flights: Is This Really Necessary?

Urban myth or real safety concern? Do cell phones and iPads really cause interference with electronic systems on airplanes?

According to a  September 2013 report from the Aviation Rulemaking Committee to the Federal Aviation Administration, “FCC rules, with a few notable exceptions, do not prohibit use of radio transmitters or consumer electronics aboard airplanes.” The decision to allow PEDs (portable electronic devices) during any phase of flight belongs to the operator of each aircraft. The report states that carriers have been reluctant to change their policies because little research has been done to determine the safety of PED use during critical phases of flight.

The most ardent concern seems to be during takeoff and landing. Pilots have reported blips and interference with radio traffic when cellphones and other electronic devices are being used especially below 10,000 feet. Pilots fear confusion or miscommunication will occur without clear, interrupted radio communication.

Some European carriers are allowing in-flight cellphone use. Cellphone use during flights may become the norm as new technologies are developed and implemented. Picocells are being used in some aircraft, which relay in-cabin signals to ground cell towers. This reduces the risk of interference with cellphones and other radio traffic.

Additionally, the Denver Post reported of a 2013 review by the FAA of cell phone use during flights, “a substantial majority of individual commenters expressed opposition to voice calls on the grounds that they are disturbing, particularly in the confined space of an aircraft cabin.”

To summarize: While you are struggling to get comfortable in the middle row seat you purchased because you didn’t want to pay $50+ to upgrade to window or aisle, cram your teeny-tiny bag under the seat in front of you, resist adding a laxative to the kids’ KoolAid who is kicking the back of your seat, and eat the squashed peanut butter sandwich and bruised apple you packed to keep from starving on a four-hour flight, do you then want to add tolerating “chatty Kathy” in the seat next to you reviewing her last night’s escapades or “Oscar the Grump” complaining about his neighbor’s tacky lawn?

I didn’t think so.


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How to Avoid Jet Lag: 11 Clever Tips to Try | Allianz Global Assistance

As I prepare to leave for Ireland next Wednesday, I’m already thinking about making the most of the time change. I’m going to bed a bit earlier and getting up earlier than I normally would. The time change is seven hours ahead for me, so that means close to half a day off from my normal routine.

Fortunately, my flight leaves Philadelphia about 9:00 p.m. and I arrive about 8:30 a.m. in Shannon, Ireland. If I eat dinner before I board then settle in for a good sleep, I hope to be in good form by the time we land Thursday morning. I have plans to hit the ground running even before I check into my hotel.

Following is an article from Allianz, the company from which I purchased my travel insurance for this trip, with some great tips for avoiding jet lag that keeps you from having the perfect vacay:


From lying about your departure date to wearing sunglasses in the airport, here are 11 sure fire jet lag remedies.

Source: How to Avoid Jet Lag: 11 Clever Tips to Try | Allianz Global Assistance

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This Secret iPhone App Could Save Your Life – SmarterTravel

This app is free and already installed on your iPhone, iOS8 or later,

This app could be especially important if you:

  1. travel alone
  2. have serious medical conditions
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If you’re an avid traveler and you own an iPhone, take note: There’s a little-known feature on your smartphone’s built-in Health App that might just save your life. Available on iPhones with iOS8 or later operating system, the Medical ID feature allows you to display important medical information and emergency contacts on your phone without […]

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